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Re: Crowns

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Razmus the Innocent wrote:

>   Not to disagree with you Your Excellency.  (Actually I'm not
> actually disagreeing, I just have a bit of information which may be
> relevant.)  I beleive there was a rumor floating around at Pointless,
> or possibly Pennsic - perhaps Aethlemarc might rotate two or three
> kings a year, with the Winter King being determined by an A&S
> competition rather than Heavy Combat.  

I just got word that the polling for Aethelmearc going kingdom won't 
happen until June, which means their petition probably won't make it to 
the July BoD, and will have to wait until October... provided the votes 
point to such an event to occur, of course.

>   Or so I recall hearing...  (Of couse there are a LOT of rumors
> floating about... especially when you live this close to the possible
> future crossroads of THREE kingdoms!)

You think you've got problems...?

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