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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

> I am not a 
> fighter though sorry to say I am a lover not a fighter. a lover of 
> what I will not go into detail though. All I can say is I saw a lot 
> of cute people there and not all of them had cleviage. 
You really don't have to worry about finding certain people-who-don't
have-cleavage attractive. A good chunk of the SCA are people who feel 
that way. I am not one of them. I like women with LARGE tracts of land!
But you'll find that many of the kind of people who like cute... wear 
blue feathers somewhere on their person.

> I got involved in listening to this very cute person sing songs 
> about the Coachman and the guy with a huge la de da da dum. *gulp* oh 
> well, I liked the other people too around them that sung too, then I went 

That 'very cute person' was named Caray, sometimes referred to as 'spider'.
He moved to Atlantia recently, but he originally comes from the Outlands!
I taught him those two songs you heard him sing...I was really hoping he 
would have developed a larger repetoire by now, but hey, they were new to 


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