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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

In a message dated 96-04-23 21:03:09 EDT, pboykin@averett.gamewood.net (Pete)

>     Greetings M'Lords and M'Ladys,
>          Ok, I am a newbie and just got the info about this list 
>please no one flame me for not being educated more aout the SCA.

I wouldn't dream of it. Actually, your post made me smile as I remembered my
first event...also a Coronation. I felt totally out of place and didn't
understand half of what was going on. Just when I had decided that I wouldn't
come back, I got the opportunity of listening to a brand new Laurel, Master
James, tell stories. I realized then that there was something worth coming
back for. A magic moment for me.

I then started helping in the kitchen (a great way to get to know people) and
listening to the advice of people who had been in the Society for a while. It
wasn't long before I began to feel more comfortable. Welcome to a great


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