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Re: Pretense

  I would like to hear more about this.
  Was he wearing these on a surcoat, or a button, or what?

At least when he visited the East, he wore a fitted cotehardie, with Middle
1 and 3, and East 2 and 4.
  Why was he wearing "Quarterly East and Midrealm"?  That sounds like
    something an Eastern prince would wear in claiming the Midrealm.
    Are you sure the Midrealm arms weren't in the upper _right_?

Alfredo, you have it right.
  Has the East made any response to the prince's provokative dress?

Not at Coronation in the East... but I choked on a bone when Edmund walked
into Court.
  Did you see "Henry V"?

*He* sure did.

	Tibor (Easterner)
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