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Re: Heading off to G Street Fabrics

Kate wrote:
>Good Afternoon To All-
>My this crowd gives a new meaning to 3 tankard lunches! ;)
>  I have decided that I am going to venture forth to G 
>Street Fabrics and try to find fabric and a pattern for 
>making my first outfit.  I have never used a sewing 
>machine before. Heck! I don't think I have ever been IN a 
>fabric store before. Yes, I know. Quite the proper lady.  
>What I am asking is if anyone knows of any good patterns I 
>can buy(beg,barrow,steal)with the intention of being able 
>to wear the results when I am done.  

I'm sure there are any number of gentlemen here who would be happy to help
you sew your first garment. They could even give you some tips on fabric
shopping as well (like the fact that G Street, while good quality, is a tad
expensive compared to Minne Fab).

Yes, that was one of those You Know You're In The SCA When comments. Having
just been fabric shopping myself (got some nice blue material for a surcoat)
I still get a chuckle out of the fact that my lady and I think it's a fun
evening out to go to the fabric store for new material for garb. Or to have
the woman behind the counter ask if I'm in the SCA when I start drooling
over the brocades.

Don't worry about the later period clothes being too difficult. There are
enough folks around here who do Italian Renn or Elizabethan to be able to
give some advice and provide patterns. Which reminds me, I still need to get
that Janet Arnold book. There's a doublet in there I want to copy.

But if you're interested in simple, the Viking/Saxon clothing, or anything
up till about the 1400s should be relatively easy to accomplish, though I'm
afraid I've not done women's clothing, and so have no further advice for you
there. Aren't bog dresses simple?

In service,
Corun (just another guy who sews)

   Corun MacAnndra   | If you see something this big, with eight legs, coming
 Dark Horde by birth |  toward you, let me know. I have to kill it before it
   Moritu by choice  |   develops language skills.   --   L. Mollari

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