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newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

     Greetings M'Lords and M'Ladys,

          Ok, I am a newbie and just got the info about this list 
please no one flame me for not being educated more aout the SCA. I do 
have a problem understanding the lingo of the SCA, some things I know 
but I have a lot to learn, if anyone has anything that can help me 
please forward it my way. Also I do not know everything as in 
postions of the royality and things of the such so please inform me 
because I am terrible at figuring out names, well I will give my 
take on the events of Coronation.

     I went with Lady Julia and Molly or the name Elinore the well 
traveled or something like that. Well we got there and it was my 
first event and Elinore is a merchant of the Atlantia Dry goods the 
fundraising group of the Kingdom. Well she showed off the  Mood 
sword and the Septaire (spelling?) to all of her friends then when 
it came to the main event I was the one dressed in the brown T- tunic 
and the Purple robe like thick thing and went up with the Baron and 
Baronness of (forgive me saints I forgot) anyway I held the wooden 
box in Last court then left (bows and such included). That was cool to be
in front of King and Queen the first time being there it was cool and the
best thing is I was not nervious becuase I was just there as a newbie.

      Well afterwards I went to go look around it was cool the things 
people sold was impressive and I wish my pockets were lined with 
gold because I really like the frilly shirts for Rapier fighting, I am not a 
fighter though sorry to say I am a lover not a fighter. a lover of 
what I will not go into detail though. All I can say is I saw a lot 
of cute people there and not all of them had cleviage. 

     Well things got a little boring for me there for awhile after 
watching the battles for awhile, I then went in the building and saw 
that one of the King's guards, not sure who,though  his persona is 
Japenese I know he had two swords well he was asleep so I huged a
chair and slept for awhile, unfortunally I missed half of the coronation and 
was disappointed, well I did see I think the first court but not much 
I got involved in listening to this very cute person sing songs 
about the Coachman and the guy with a huge la de da da dum. *gulp* oh 
well, I liked the other people too around them that sung too, then I went 
to feast where I sat next to a guy who looked like Prince Charming 
who left later but also with Ersula (not sure if she is a Lady) well 
I enjoyed the food but I needed to borrow feast gear, but it was great 
food so Vevats!! (if I am using it right) to the ones who made it. I 
loved the cakes, the califlour sheep and the singing. It was cool.

    Well then I watched the dancing which I must learn one day, 
especiually the Lady tossing though certain peiople can toss me if they want
to anyday. I also then watched the harpests and juglers outside then 
I chated with a few people including the person that gave me this 
mailing address, I am sorry if I forgot your name but I do have 
your cards. Thanks, well the day came to a close and all in all I had 
a great time. I am hoping to go to an event again in the future maybe 
something really cool, I am not that much of a party person but I 
love to observe. Well I think I have bored the stockings off of the 
Queen by now probablly so I will quit my rambling and sign off saying 
I hope now you can see it through the eyes of a newbie and I have to 
say that sometimes I wish that I could take what certain things 
people said with a reverance but when your new you hold english as a 

            fond wishes,
                     Robert Montague
                     aka RickyinVa
                     aka Pete 

Pete's Wonder Page
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