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3YC Siege Equipment Contests (fwd)

Siege Equipment Competitions at 3YC

Master Thorvald Grimsson, the Overall Archery Autocrat, will
be sponsoring the following contests for siege equipment.

Contests (will take place in mid-week):

1) accuracy of direct fire (vertical target), distances between
   about 30 and 60 yards. Will include a timed round. See the
   limitations below.

2) accuracy of indirect fire (horizontal target), distances
   about 100 yards. Will include a timed round. See the
   limitations below.

3) best period appearance of engine plus engineers, as voted
   by the participants in the two preceding competitions.

4) best non-missile siege equipment, either period or SCA
   combat useful. This contest will be judged using arts and
   sciences rules. The equipment need not be full scale, but
   this contest is not about table-top models either. We're
   talking serious carpentry here.


1) ammunition used for the target contests does not have to be
   legal for SCA combat, but must not pose an undue risk for
   someone being accidentally hit. For example, a baseball would
   be acceptable, but a rock would not. A PVC javelin with a
   blunt end cap would be acceptable, but a javelin with a sharp
   point would not.

2) the engine must not be overly powerful (maximum range perhaps
   150 yards); and must be built so as not to pose an undue risk
   to anyone using it. Engines must first be demonstrated to the
   contest sponsor using ammunition which is legal for SCA combat.

3) the engine may use non-period materials and details provided
   the result is not too obtrusively modern. Telescopic sights,
   compound bows mounted on surplus machine-gun tripods, and
   such-like will be excluded at the whim of the contest sponsor.
   If a detail really is period, but doesn't look it, bring very
   good documentation.

4) "Cannon" are acceptable, but the use of gunpowder or explosive
   mixtures is not. Other propellant methods will be allowed by
   the contest sponsor on a case-by-case safety-related basis.

Master Thorvald Grimsson, OP, OL
James Prescott
4915 Carney Road NW
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2L 1E6
Home:	403-282-0541
Email:	james@nucleus.com