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Re: 13th Night Song

> Greetings  everyone -
> I have not seen the words to the !3th Night song.  I have just subscribed to the
> Merry Rose a few weeks ago.  Could some ONE send me a copy?
> Johanna


Hopefully this won't be the 13,000th copy you get of it (as you asked
for ONE copy), but here's the song as it was posted to the Merry Rose:

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 13:10:13 -0500
From: "David K. Bodman" <dkbodman@nr.infi.net>
Subject: 13th Night
Sender: owner-atlantia-l@netcom.com
Precedence: list

The following is a creative report of Kingdom 12th night in Black Diamond...


God rest you bored Atlantians
Let nothing you dismay
We came to yule to spend the night
And stayed for three whole days
To get us home was a prospect 
That left us much dismayed

Oh, tidings of blizzards and no chains
Blizzards and chains
Oh, tidings of blizzards and no chains

When the snow came gently down
At first we thought it grand
And when the second foot came down
It covered all the land
And when the third foot had arrived
It got clear out of hand

When they closed the interstate
And knew we could not leave
The State police did block the way
Despite our whines and pleas
And when they did try to escape
They crawled back on their knees

The snowball fight that did break out
Was twixt the Lords so high
Duke Anton and the Earl of Cain
Did make the snowballs fly
And Cain won with some Yellow Snow
Though this he will deny

The Laurels in the snow did work
To shape a viking frame
Ross and the Shrew did judge the lot
And no two were the same
And the winner was the horse and man
>From Salisbury Plain

The drummers did go on, 
And on and on and on
And on and on and on and on 
And on and on and on 
And on and on and on and on 
And on and on and on 

Our hosts at the Red Lion Inn
Were short of hand that day
And all of us Atlantians
Did jump into the fray
Fromlow to high born all did work
To clear the snow away

The first place to receive our aid
Was through the kitchen door
We cooked and served for all our friends
While Brigid mopped the floor
And Lord Yanos and Gavius
Did drive folks to the store

If it should snow like this again
Our fate be surely sealed
We'll never leave this place by car
Even if it be 4-wheeled
Our pride hath brought us to this place
But we to nature YIELD!

By Naill, Bridgette, Evan, Freyta, Bran Buchanan et all

(This verse can be inserted between verses 2 and 3 to prolong the agony- Daoud)
The snow fell on and on and on, 
And on and on and on
And on and on and on and on 
And on and on and on 
And on and on and on and on 
And on and on and on!

In service,

Lance W. Day                       | Uryene de Wodeshende
lday@access.digex.net              | In the shadow of Ripon Cathedral
http://www.access.digex.net/~lday  | North Yorkshire, England  b.1363-?
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