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Re[2]: King and Canvas

     Greetings, all.

>> Most likely hemp. Canvas, the fabric, from cannabis, the plant....
>I was just about to make the same etymological deduction.
>On a recent episode of "Homicide: Life On The Streets" they 
>expounded a belief that marijuana was made illegal partly by 
>a conspiracy of makers of certain alternatives to hempen 
>rope and canvas.
Actually, Alfredo, I believe the primary downfall of hemp was a collaboration 
between two fellows named DuPont and Hearst. You see DuPont had the patent for 
wood pulp paper, and Hearst had a rather substantial need (and converted his 
process to use it.) [Capitalism in action] Prior to that, I don't believe the 
"evil weed" was illegal. As a matter of fact, the Founding Fathers were required
to dedicate a quantity of their acreage in order to raise it (for its fiber 

Of course, I'm not certain of all this information. I would have to refer you to
Hugh Downs and his NPR broadcast. (Amazing what you will hear at 5:30 am on a 
Sunday when you forget to turn off your alarm.)



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