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Re: Re[2]: King and Canvas

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Chuck Graves wrote:

>      Greetings, all.
> >> Most likely hemp. Canvas, the fabric, from cannabis, the plant....
> >I was just about to make the same etymological deduction.
> >On a recent episode of "Homicide: Life On The Streets" they 
> >expounded a belief that marijuana was made illegal partly by 
> >a conspiracy of makers of certain alternatives to hempen 
> >rope and canvas.
> Actually, Alfredo, I believe the primary downfall of hemp was a collaboration 
> between two fellows named DuPont and Hearst. You see DuPont had the patent for 
> wood pulp paper, and Hearst had a rather substantial need (and converted his 
> process to use it.) [Capitalism in action] Prior to that, I don't believe the 
> "evil weed" was illegal. As a matter of fact, the Founding Fathers were required
> to dedicate a quantity of their acreage in order to raise it (for its fiber 
> content.) 
> Of course, I'm not certain of all this information. I would have to refer you to
> Hugh Downs and his NPR broadcast. (Amazing what you will hear at 5:30 am on a 
> Sunday when you forget to turn off your alarm.)
All sorts of things are possible when one makes up conspiracy theories to
please one's audience...

Last I heard, the line the Adversary Kultur was using was that the whole
anti-drug thing was devised by the Treasury Department when prohibition
was abolished.  They had a large enforcement apparatus they didn't
want to do away with and invented the Drug Menace to give the out-of-work
prohibition agents something to do.  Admittedly, alarm over the effects of
drugs went back to the late 19th Century, but mere facts cannot be allowed
to stand in the way of somebody who wants to Expose A Plot.

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