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    I am posting this all e-mail wide, to appologize. I am immature 
and a newbie adn I screwed up and have seen the error of my ways. To 
all parties involved I am sorry and if you want me to tell you in 
person as long as you are nice to me and don't beat me up please, I 
will apologize to you in person. It was stupid of me to post a mesage 
like that, there has been so much trouble going on in my life and I 
just was not in a right rational frame of mind and I promise I will 
never make such a bad public commit again. Again I am sorry too all 
parties, esspecially to the person that I gossiped about I was not 
thinking right I am sorry, to anyone who thinks that there is anyone 
else that is involved with me my friends or anything there is not so 
do not blame them it was my fault and I feel bad, I am sorry.  

    Beging forgiveness,
    Robert Montague
> Pete -
> The 'tracts of land' referred to is breasts.  A woman properly laced into a
> bodice is emphasizing her cleavage.
     Oh yea I know what you mean, hurts if it was to get burnt too, I 
know my nose does not feel good it got crisped.
> BTW - It made me uncomfortable to read your comments regarding the gentleman
> singing - no, not because you are gay, because it would have bothered me to see
> comments about a woman also.  I think that kind of comment would be best in a
> personal email and not in a public forum.  Its none of my business whether  he's
> gay, straight, or worships azaleas.  I know I would not like someone  gossiping
> about who I may or may not have gone home with on the Merry Rose;  there are
> probably over 100 people who receive it.

    Read the  above statement that is how I feel about what I said, I 
am sorry, I should ahve kept it too myself or private e-mail and I 
have learned my lesion so I am very sorry, I am very sorry again for 
what I said and I did not realize how bad it was, I am very truely 
sorry thank you too about str8ing me out to I really appreciate it.
> I don't say this to hurt your feelings, but I want to protect the feelings of
> the gentlemen in question, and I don't want people to think of you in a bad
> light because of comments you have made on email.  It seems to me less than
> courteous.
> There was a newsletter for members of Clan Blue Feather,  I think it is still
> published.  It is a forum for period sources, poetry and other items related to
> gay/lesbian/bisexual studies or individuals.  Try contacting Tristan Alexander,
> 103-J  N. Rock Glen Rd., Baltimore, Md  21229  (Sorry I can't find his number -
> and this may be an old address)  He still lives in Bright Hills, you may be able
> to contact him through their seneschal or Baron and Baroness.

     That is cool I do ahve one problem I could not recicve the mag, 
because I live with my parents who do not know and I cannot recieve 
information like that here.Maybe when I am at collge in two years at 
the distant college. Thanks,

      Very greatful,
            Robert Montague
> Johanna 

Pete's Wonder Page

"It's never wise to mess with a computer wizard, 
you might get you drive zaped"


Pete's Wonder Page

"It's never wise to mess with a computer wizard, 
you might get you drive zaped"

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