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Re: Pretense

  He had a Coathardie (sp?) made with the Arms of the East and the 
  Middle quartered a la Henry V.  At East Realm Coronation (the week before 
  ours) he delivered the challenge described above wearing the same garb.

Sure did!
  The East (or, at least, their Royalty) already knew we were going to fight 
  with the Middle at Pennsic.  At Gulf Wars we (the Princes of the East, 
  Middle, Atlantia, Trimaris, and Meridies) sat down and shamelessly planned 
  out the whole thing.  Some of the goals for this year's Pennsic are: 
  more fun, more pomp, and *even* sides.

I am *so* damned glad you wrote this.  The one thing I was worried about,
was that the sudden change of sides was going to disappoint Bjorn and
Morgen, and break hearts.  Or worse, since it was reported that Atlantia was
switching sides because of previous Crowns of the East, that this would be
taken too seriously.  (Do recall that last summer's Eastern Crown was not
exactly universally beloved.)

Let's hear it for a FUN Pennsic, one we all can win!


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