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Re: Impressions (feathers and all)

> First of all, I was
> overwhelmed by the sense that I was in the middle of one big family.  I had
> found a kind and gentle soul (Keilynn; I know not if she has been granted
> arms, but she is definitely a Lady)

Since you spelled it properly, you're probably talking about Mistress
Keilynn Fitzwarin, who is one of the many gracious and kind members of
the Order of the Laurel that Atlantia is blessed with.

> Also,  I would love to learn how to make/acquire some beautiful
> Elizabethan garb such as I saw during The Coronation.  Any advice??

Ask to the people wearing it. There are a bunch of people in your
immediate area who are well-versed in its construction. The most
popular book on the subject is Janet Arnold's book, but it's not
exactly designed for beginners. I've been helped many a time with
clothing by Grace Gamble, another one of these gracious and stealthy
Laurels, but she lives down Isenfir-way...

Gregory Blount
(I don't have any clue about sewing, but my friends do)

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