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Impressions (feathers and all)


I thought I would take the time to share some of my impressions.  Being a
brand spanking newbie (my first event was the recent Coronation) in many
ways I felt like a foreigner in a new country for the first time. Several
things I saw surprised me about this organization.  First of all, I was
overwhelmed by the sense that I was in the middle of one big family.  I had
found a kind and gentle soul (Keilynn; I know not if she has been granted
arms, but she is definitely a Lady) to show me the ropes and introduce me to
many noteworthies in the Kingdom, and explain the customs.  I was also in
awe of the abundance of creative talent that so many folk displayed, wheather
it be in the areas of music, clothes making, or art ( I remember making a
joke about 2 fellows juggling, and that what would be really impressive
would be firery torches being thrown, and much to my amazement, thats
exactly what I did see shortly thereafter!!).

The Merry Rose has also been helpful in learning more about the happenings
and issues of the Kingdom, I was glad to learn about Clan Bluefeather, and
would appreciate any other information with regards to that Household. It is
good to know there is room enough for all in the SCA.  : )
An keen interest of mine is heraldry and am trying to learn as much as I can
about it.  Also,  I would love to learn how to make/acquire some beautiful
Elizabethan garb such as I saw during The Coronation.  Any advice??


Barrony of Storvik

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