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More queries

Greetings kind and helpful gentles! :)

I have some queries concerning garb:

1) Does anyone know where I can buy/order a decent circlet for my veil? By 
decent I mean aesthetically pleasing, not too expensive, and nothing that will 
get me mistaken for a Pointy Hat. (I may be many things, but upper nobility 
ain't one of them)

2) I am also looking for good patterns for a number of styles, including a 
cotehardie and a sideless surcote. I'm also looking for Tudor garb simply 
because I like it. :) Bear in mind that while my sewing isn't bad, I can't 
really handle any deviation from a pattern, and working without a pattern at 
all leaves me a quivering mass of nerves (a quivering *swearing* mass of 

and finally, 3) any patterns/info for period shoes and headdresses. I've 
always wanted to try my hand at some different things and now seems as good a 
time as any!

Thanks in advance for your help! (I know I'll get plenty and I'm grateful for 
all of it!)
Yours in Service,
(Keep that Stierbach Water away from me!)

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