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RE: More queries

Jessica Wilbur wrote:

> 2) I am also looking for good patterns for a number of styles, including a 
> cotehardie and a sideless surcote. I'm also looking for Tudor garb simply 
> because I like it. :) Bear in mind that while my sewing isn't bad, I can't 
> really handle any deviation from a pattern, and working without a pattern at 
> all leaves me a quivering mass of nerves (a quivering *swearing* mass of 
> nerves!)

Well, the cotehardie is easy - pick up a princess seam dress pattern at the fabric
store that can be made w/o collar, has buttons, long sleeves and floor length.

The sideless surcoat pattern can be acquired; my wife has one that's been copied
onto shopping bags from a long ancestral line.  Don't know how you'd get it, but
if you'd care to contact her at gwen@maxson.com, arrangements could probably be
made for aiding you! (She's Ponte Alto's Silver Key)

> Yours in Service,
> Muireann
> (Keep that Stierbach Water away from me!)

Give the water to my wife, but keep InterCon away from me! =)

In Service,
Kevin of Thornbury     |+^+|  Deputy Chronicler, Barony of Ponte Alto
kevin@maxson.com       |/+\|  "Or, on a chevron gules between three crosses
http://sca.maxson.com   \_/    crosslet fitchy azure, three mullets argent"

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