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RE: More queries

Greetings from Rodrigo Ramirez de Valencia, soon to join the throngs of
Atlantia from far-off An Tir...

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Kevin of Thornbury wrote:

> Well, the cotehardie is easy - pick up a princess seam dress pattern

Although I'm NOT one of the authenticity police, a note should be made
here -- if you're new and starting out, or if you aren't concerned with
period garb, this isn't too bad of advice -- from what I understand, the
princess seam dress isn't too hard to make.  But you should know when you
make it that it isn't even close to period, and more important, doesn't
LOOK period.  I'm not saying that people who choose to use it are damned
forever or anything, just that before you use it, you should know...  (My
lady wife, well-known italian ren garb-babe of our Barony even has one,
a nice comfy wool one and SHE'S certainly not getting rid of it).

As for actual patterns, not being an expert on women's garb, I'm no
authority, but I know that one of the period pattern manufacturers (Past
Patterns?) has got an actual cotehardie pattern which, like all commercial
patterns, has to be tweaked abit.  I'll try to confirm the name of the
company tonight, but I know they're pretty easy to get.

In Service,

Isenfiri-to-be in exile

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