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Re: Flying mugs, tableware, sinks, cows, Et cetera

> > 	Tis truly amazing how all this furniture and tableware and all 
> > 	the rest of the paraphenalia regenerates... is this like, 
> > 	umm, a resurrection battle, or should I say, a 
> > 	resurrection conversation? 
>    Indeed, milady (if I remember the header correctly!  :-)  It is a 
> part of the same charm that prevents our shenanigans from actually 
> hurting anyone.  The mess will go away also, if Miriam gets tired 
> of cleaning...    :-) 
> --Landi 

Now that you mention it...it this part of the bench taken?  Save me a spot and 
I'll be back once i've gotten a refill...

Miriam R.

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai | Purpure on a bend Or,
The non-pregnant Miriam     | between two swans naiant
akaThe Intriguing Miriam    | respectant, wings elevated
Isenfiri-In-Exile           | and addorsed argent, three 
mka: Heather E.M. Swann     | sprigs of heather palewise
email:swann@intercon.com    | purpure.     

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