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DISCUSS: Reading the Mail

>I'm very distressed by the discourteous attitude that I've seen.  Some 
>people seem to be telling others that if they can't take the load, get 
>off the list instead of trying to come to a compromise of some sort about 
>list usage.  Not everyone uses the same mail software, so making 
>assumptions based on your own particular mail software is not realistic 
>and can be quite insulting(the whole "I can do this, so why are you 
>whining" thing that I saw in a previous post).  Keep in mind that we have 
>widely varying computer abilities(whether due to experience, hardware or 
>software) and a little tolerance would not hurt. 

Please, dear gentle, go back and read that message again.  If you have
deleted it, here are the key lines.

         I am unfamiliar with list servers other than my own.  If others work
        differently, please enlighten me.

If you or others read the rest of the message as "I can do this, so why are you 
whining", I apologize. That was not what I intended. I was and am trying to
ask for information as to why it should take two hours to go through the
Atlantia list.  Even on the last few peak days it did not take me two hours
to read everything (and I normally do).
        Will someone please explain, step by step and in simple
non-computerese words, just what it is you have to do to receive, sort, and
read the e-mail on what another poster called 'a dumb mail reader'?


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