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Banter: Novices & Black Kane

Greetings all and especially Eldrydd.
>I thought it might be rather interesting having more "new" people on the 
>thrones.... 8^) 

Authorized fighters for less than six months is well beyond "new". 
Assuming that requirement to be six months from Crown Tourney, the cutoff 
would have been May 4. Today, they would have been authorized for about 6 

>I've wondered if anyone would ever hold a "no Dukes or Counts" tourney--a new 
>sort of "Novice Crown Tourney?"

I believe Duke Badouin sponsored a "No Duke" Tourney a few years back. Can't say
I'm against the idea but not a "No Count" Tourney. (pardon the pun)
>%ps. tell kane i just bottled some more imperial stout...he'll tell you the 
>%rest of the story  8^)
>But Kane isn't on-line is he?  Tell us a story Uncle Tadhg!!

Well, lad...pull us a pint and I'll tell you about Kane and imperial stout:

  It hasn't been all that long since Kane sat Throne. For His Coronation, I 
  presented him with a gift of a case of imperial stout. Unfortunately, I had 
  only bottled the brew two days earlier--so it wasn't ready for drinking.
  When I arrived at the site, I found His Highness only long enough to tell 
  him I had his gift, and ask where I should deliver it. His response was a 
  warm grin and an outstretched hand. Of course, I told him it wasn't ready 
  yet, I didn't have it with me, and I would have to bring it to his camp. He 
  thanked me, told me where he was staying, and made off for His Coronation.
  Now, that was the last time I saw him that day. And after settling my 
  family, I set out about delivering my cargo. Along the way, I happened upon 
  his daughter, who escorted me to their camp. As I said earlier, the stout 
  was not yet ready for drinking. It's a fine brew and I'm right proud of how 
  it comes out--but it needs to be in the bottle about a month to come of 
  age. So, the beer would not be fit (in my opinion) for drinking until Crown 
  Of course, all of this I related to his daughter. I admonished her to make 
  sure that all this was related to her father. This she promised to do. And 
  from what she told me later, she performed her charge--perhaps at her own 
  For the most part, my part in this was done...save to render it for you 
  now. At some time, I think after First Court and before dinner, His Majesty 
  made his way back to his camp. Once he had changed, he noticed the 
  potables. Apparently, with some glee, he fell upon them. With stout in 
  hand, he was making his way about the camp in search of an appropriate 
  implement to begin his recreation. Whereupon, his daughter found him and 
  relayed my message--in its entirety. She tells me that His Resemblance to 
  an unhappy six-month-old puppy was astonishing. He dutifully put the bottle 
  away and sighed...and waited for Crown Tournament.
  I believe he told me later it was worth the wait...but he still didn't like 
Speaking of stout, lass, is there any more in the keg? I seem to have drained 
mine, again.


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