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MR-Info: Linnation

>I am intrigued by this concept of 'linnation'.  Could you please 
>it further?

Linighting or linnation is the changing of a name to a familiar, 
easier to say word within the Gaelic sentence structure.

>Is Aonnika a linnation of Annejke?

Annejke is Dutch not Gaelic.

>Does every Gaelic name have a linnation?  Is there a list?
  I  beleive that most every name has a linnation.  IE: Alexander is 
AElyster, Davydd is Yavidd, and yes there are lists but I don't know 
if they are avaiable in this country.  I would search all Gaelic 
speaking countries, including Scotland, Ireland, Brittany in France, 
lower Spain, Andora and Cape Britton Island in Canada.

>Is there some sort of regular change from the name to the linnation?

  Yes and no.  The name in Linnation is always the same but why the 
linnation is the way it is even my instructor can't explain.

>Do other cultures have linnation?
 Yes, German, and  I am told, so does Japanese

>It it similar to First Person, Second Person, Third Person 
in English, only applied to nouns instead of verbs?
  It is applied when addressing someone with a greeting, and speaking 
directly to them of current things but not just first person, never 
in any other person from what I understand.

>Is it related to the Binomial Nomenclature developed by Carl von 
(Linnaeus carolus)?
  They have been doing this for a thousand years, so I don't think so 
but he might have been the one to name the practice.

>Is 'chimera hwo' connected with the heraldic chimera, with a lion's 
vomiting flames, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail?
   Chimera Hwo is "be in the state of mind of goodness today", I 
don't think it has anything to do with a vomitng lion's head.

>Is it proper for me to put "Info" on the subject line when I am 
(rather than providing) information?

I don't care if it's under info or not, although I have a tendency 
not to throw those away with out looking at them.

>Am I asking too many questions?

  Questions are the way we learn.

>Am I asking inappropriate questions?
  As long as they are "clean" I will answer most anything.

>-- Alfredo
Baroness Annejke
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