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Re: Discuss: Heraldry question

Greetings from the harrying herald, Eldred!

Scripsit Blackbow:
%Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure you will) but hasn't Bryce de Byram
%been signing his correspondence (both email & paper) "THL Bryce
%de Byram" for a LONG time now?  And I don't ever remember anybody
%even noticing, Byram being the hellion that he is.


%I would guess this to be most useful:

%IF you have, at any point been given the title of "Honorable Etc." and you
%make yourself a nuisance by insisting that it be used any time you're
%called into court or what have you (especially if your Kingdom doesn't
%recognize it as such), that would be Bad.

If that is the title the Crown awarded you, then you have every right to
use it.  Come to think of it, our use of "Master/Mistress" isn't period
either....  Should we take that form of address away too?  The trick is
that "by custom" Atlantia does not _bestow_ the title "Hononrable
Lord", but we do recognize it as a legitimate form of address, since
other Kingdoms do use it.  It is very odd.  If I can paraphrase Triton,
an Atlantian who holds a Grant of Arms from Atlantia is not given the
title "THL", however if the accolade is given by another Kingdom,
then the title is recognized.

%IF you have been given the title and the only place that it makes a
%difference to you is in the OP, that would be Good.

Mmmmmm....irrelevant.  I don't really see your point here.

%If you REALLY want to have people know your place in the OP but don't want 
%use an anachronistic term, ("Honorable") why not use "Lord by Grant of 

%It isn't any longer/harder to say than "Honorable Lord" and probably isn't
%too bad, logistically speaking.

THAT is an EXCELLENT suggestion.

%BTW:  A question on periodicity; is a Grant of Arms period or was it
%manufactured for the SCA?  If not, then the whole brouhaha on "Honorable
%Lord" is kind of academic...

A Grant of Arms by Letters Patent is period.  An Award of Arms is an
SCA invention to the best of my knowledge.  The majority of the award
structure is completely at odds with period ranks of nobility.

In service,
NCPE and Neutral Minion(tm)
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