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Storvik Dance Practise

To All Good Gentles of Storvik (and Environs) Greetings:

We had a wonderful (though sparsely-attended) dance practise at Baroness
Brenna's last Wednesday night, and hope for even better things THIS
Wednesday.  We meet at 7:00, and those desiring directions please feel free
to contact me.  Refreshments are served, the atmosphere is liesurely and
unpressured, and all good gentles who wish to be prepared for dancing at
Pennsic (and any other event) are encouraged to attend.  Come rain or shine,
heat or cold, Storvik's Dance Practise WILL take place - and we hope to have
live musicians soon, so as not to have to depend wholly on the Magic Box.
Please, fear not that you have two left feet, both of them club!  Come and
see how easy it is to dance - and what a wonderful opportunity for
fraternizing and flirtation is thus made available.

Hope to see many gentles moved by the terpsichorean muse to attend our humble

In Service,

Anjuli McDonald of Clanranald
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