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Re: Archery Newsletter

> I was wondering if this news letter still existed, and if so is all the info
> still correct?
> "Fletch and Point", costs $4.00 for six issues (one year) and is available
> from Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl (David Kuijt), 2801 Ashmont Terrace, Silver Spring,
> MD, 20906. Make checks payable to David Kuijt.
> I was also wondering who the Royal Archery Marshall was for this kingdom, and
> how I would get in contact with him/her.

The Archer Marshal is Lady Dealla, and she should be listed int he Acorn. I 
don't have one handy. As for the Fletch and Point, his Excellency is currently
on honeymoon and so won't be able to reply to this yet, but I was just
speaking with Lord Aelfgar who was saying that Dafydd was talking about
either reviving it or publishing a best of compilation.

In service,
Corun (promoting Storvik Archery Conspiracy)

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