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Re: New list Serve Approach

Talia wrote:
>      Dear Kendrick:
>      I humbly must tell you I absolutely hate this new approach.  It makes 
>      replying to the person directly and privately more difficult.  It 
>      makes editting based on who the writer of the message is more 
>      difficult.  It makes kill files more difficult to set up.  Please can 
>      we have it back the old way as soon as possible?

The downside of this is that the majority of posts to mailing lists go to
the list itself for public reading. It's the normal way of mailing lists.
Having the list 'bot automatically send replies to the list makes it easier
for the majority, which is why several of us requested this change in the
first place. I absolutely hate having written a large, public reply only to
forget to change the header to the list rather than the individual, and then
have to request the individual to resend it the list for me since I don't
usually copy myself, and only my mail reader at home automatically keeps
copies in the outbox.

Thanks, Kendrick, for making this change.

In service,

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