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Re: MRS:Heraldry Graphic Libraries

Edward wroet:
> I am very much interested in the use of Corel to produce heraldry.  Are 
> there any Corel3 heraldry libraries available?  While I am indeed a 
> computer geek, my ability to draw say, a hippocampoid seahorse (yes, I'm 
> serious) using mouse and cursor is minimal.

I'm perfectly willing to share the library I have created. Corel 5 has a
nice Medaeval set of clipart, and 3 has some shields, and you can always
stea....I mean borrow, pieces from the Insignia and Crests that abound
in their clipart library. I've drawn some things myself, and the one I'm
most proud of is the salient stag I did for the arms of the Outlands based
on the picture in the Known World Handbook. It started out as a rectangle.

Kevin and others, perhaps we can all get together and share libraries.
I could host an evening of Corel drawing at my place and we can share our
tricks and tips and stuff. I'm sure the heralds would like to be in on
this as well. If there is enough interest I'll annouce a date and time
we can all gather at my place in Takoma Park. BYOD (bring your own discs).

Fyi, I have on my ftp site at Digex the arms I did for Countess Brigit
when she was Queen. They are the Royal and Consort arms for all the
13 Kingdoms, including our own Heirs (which I understand have not passed
and need to be changed). They are in gif format. Anyone who wants them
may do an anonymous ftp to ftp.access.digex.net/corun/public_html. If
this doesn't work, let me know.

In service,

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