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My lords and ladies, I know I join the debate late, but:

Melys: I am using Eudora...  There is no option to select either
 "reply_to" or "from"... all replies are sent to "reply_to"

For a request of specific information, my preference is to reply only
to the requestor...  if it is general information, then by all means
send it to the list....

        subject lines are helpful... but as another noted, sometimes
the author is more helpful than the subject.

On a related note, suppose I am innocently reading my mail, and
happen to see a name that I need to send a note to on a totally
different subject... I can under the former system.  Now, to
stumble upon an email address is much more difficult.

Related to my last... Residing in Marinus, and being interested in
what's going on in the area... I'll read just about any message from
someone I know to be in Caer Mear (Corby), Tirydon (Kitty) and so
forth.  Can't do that now.

have rambled to long.  If it comes down to it... with 117 msgs a
day... prefer previous system.

Stepping of the soapbox....

sburke@exis.net      address for replies.
normal .sig withheld due to irrelevance

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Scott Burke                    :                             Paramedic 
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Paramedic, Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services, Portsmouth
Critical Care Transport Team,  Medical Transport Inc.,  Virginia Beach

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