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Re: Heraldry Via The Net

In a message dated 96-06-20 23:56:53 EDT, Achbar wrote:

>CORVUS2@aol.com wrote:
>> Gotta send $$$ with it...  That's the first reason I can think of...
>This has to be Reason Number One.  What if the Heralds submitted the Device
>over The 

I *still* have some serious concerns about the viability of this idea.  First
of all, our submissions herald (Aodhan) has voiced valid concerns about the
need for extensive hardware and his feelings on verification and

I agree with him, but I also have other concerns.  First of all, the amount
of work involved with a submission at Kingdom level is already pretty hefty.
 Each submission must be checked for conflicts; provided with documentation
if not enough was sent; etc.  If the submissions herald must also download,
photocopy, and color the proper number of forms, it increases his workload
significantly per submission, not to mention that most people not "in school"
have to pay for their on-line access, so he would have to pay to download and
access your submission.

Then there's the $$$.  Edward suggested automatic drafts and the alarms in my
brain went off in a major way.  As a paralegal, I have enough experience with
banking procedures to know that there is a considerable amount of work
involved in setting up an automatic draft for a repeated transaction.  That
would be unrealistic for a one-time transaction; and multiply that times, say
120 submitters per year... GAK!  The bank would probably also charge us for
the use of such service.  

If we had the submitter wire the money into the herald's office account, I
KNOW there would be a charge.  Most banks charge between $10-15 for a wire

And finally, I personally don't want, nor do I want anyone in the CoH to have
that kind of access to submitters' bank accounts.  Although we are an
honorable society, unpleasant things do sometimes happen and just the
*implication* of impropriety should be avoided.

Nereid Herald

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