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Re: University of Atlantia

June 24, 1996

     Could you please post the e-mail address? I am one of those 
     unfortunate gentles who is on cc:mail and it only shows the address
     Thank you,

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Subject: University of Atlantia
Author:  atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu at Internet
Date:    6/24/96 7:31 PM

Greetings to the fair and gentle folk of Atlantia from Deirdre O'Siodhachain!
Much to my honor and humble delight, Their Majesties, Galmr and Katharina, have 
a ppointed me as Chancellor to the University of Atlantia.  I am very anxious 
that University should continue much as in its present form which has come to 
serve th e populace of Atlantia so well and made our University one of the 
finest in the S CA.  Lord Henry's service in four years as chancellor has 
increased the attendanc e at and quality of University.  I hope the next two 
years of my term will suppor t the current standard.
As you will note from the above e-mail address, I have set up a specific address
just for University business.  I hope that it will be easily remembered and 
frequ ently used!
I will be writing the group seneschals and landed baronage soon in an effort to 
s chedule the next round of University sessions.  Specifically, I would like to 
 a Fall session during the October/November period and a Winter session next 
uary/March.  I would prefer to hold them in the South or Central regions of the 
k ingdom as the Summer session was in the North in Ponte Alto, but will consider
an y suitable offer to ensure no long gaps between sessions.  Feel free to 
contact m e.
Also, if you would like to teach at University, I would be very happy to hear 
fro m you.  It takes many people and skills to put together a session and 
everyone is
 welcome to make their contribution.  University's biggest complaint is also its 
greatest strength; so many interesting choices are offered it is sometimes 
diffic ult to pick which class to attend.
Remember your input on University is always welcome.
Your servant,
Deirdre O'Siodhachain (Terry Sheehan)
Fellow, Master, and Doctor of the University of Atlantia