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Re: Re[2]: LORD Johnathan Blackbow

David H Ritterskamp wrote:
> >      Thanks, Achbar.  I'm sure everybody will want to know how much
> >      I paid you to say that... Your friend,   JB

> >   LORD Johnathan!, Be ashamed.  No one pays me to speak truthfully
> >   of my Friends.   Achbar
> [Joke, Achbar.  You know, a comment intended to engender yux.
> Also [it started as] a PRIVATE comment intended to engender yux.

Now Lord Jonathon!  You know how difficult it is for Achbar (gracious and 
cheerful as His Excellency is) to recognise humor when it has no pun in 
it! Go easy on him, my friend... he's still learnin' <g>

Achbar - I can see your dimple...

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