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Last minute info on Toys for Tots Clash

Poster: "Charlene S. Noto" <Charlen@vnet.net>


I spoke with the autocrat of Toys for Tots Clash, Lady Dennet, last night and she asked me to post a few things. Some of it has already been posted, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it again.

The directions in the Acorn are incorrect. The exit off of I-95 should be listed as Exit 15....NOT Exit 14.

The heat index has been quite high and she urges you to bring plenty of water.

Toys are NOT required to participate in either the fighting or the A&S. You receive a $3.00 discount off the site fee for bringing a NEW toy and the Kingdom that brings the most toys is the one that wins the war.

The open field is for Period encampments. There has been space set aside for Non-period encampments in the Barracks area.

NO Ground fires are allowed.

If you have game boards and pieces for people to play, they would be welcome.

Her email account is now closed until after the war. If anyone needs to reach her, you will need to call her. The phone number is listed in the Acorn.

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