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Re: Ride to Pennsic -- DC area, 8/9 PM

Poster: "Eric J. Campbell" <ejcampbe@unity.ncsu.edu>

> >I will be leaving from Otakon 96 (japanese annimation festival) that 
> >sunday and I will have a bunch of space in my wagon.
> >-Xavier
> Do you have more info on the animation festival?  My kids would love 
> it.
> Annejke

The rest of this post pertains to anime 
I am responding on the list because it was requested on the list
If you don't want to know about this delete the message

why as a matter of fact I do <<GRIN>>

Otakon '96

just a warning all things may not be to your children's tastes(or at 
least I hope not ;> ) they will be showing ALL genres 
I have ran the video in rooms at cons late at night(the days are pretty 
g-pg) where I sat in the hall except to change tapes

but the day showings and classes should be good.
three theatres of anime and another of "hong kong" theatre

but for free in raleigh there will be a thirty hour festival in raleigh NC
<if anyone would like a listing of this please email me privately>

                        ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE
              TAAS Summer Anime Block Party II!!  The Revenge!!
                               July 13-14!
                     At Caldwell G-107 on NCSU Campus!
Featuring: 30 Hours of anime programming and a dealers room with at least
2 anime dealers! It continues through the night and yes there id crash space


There can be only juan!
                         <100% columbian coffee> 
Eric Jon Campbell Graduating <and employable;)> Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer

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