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MR:Banter-Pennsic Poem

Poster: Terri Morgan <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

For all who know Clan Rowanwald (of which I am but a lowly member) this should 
make great sense but for those of you more fortunate, this will still hold a ring of 

					Philip the Bashful of Clan Rowanwald

Twas the night before Pennsic and all through the house,
	not a creature was sleeping not even a mouse.

The family all wished to be snug in their beds,
	but forgotten tasks still raced through their heads.

the tents were all piled by the pick-up with care,
	in hopes that they would fit in somewhere.

When out on the porch ther arose such a clatter,
	we raced to the door to see what was the matter.

And what to our wondering eyes did appear,
	why it was Arn Bjorn packing the gear.

And we knew all at once, with Arn shaking a bit,
	that there wasn't a chance that it would all fit.

The chuck box was in and the feast gear was too,
	but there was not a place to put the beef stew.

The tents, the food, the garb could not go,
	how were we to make it?  We just didn't know!

Then all of the sudden a solution arose,
	we'd all stay behind to make room for the cloths!

After some changes and stuffing just so,
	we all got inside, it was time to go.

It was time at last but we didn't get far,
	Rosine forgot to put oil in her car!

The extra gear went from the car to the truck,
	no more rope? We'll use duct tape, it will hold with some luck!

Half way to Cooper's we learn with a fright,
	we have a flat, spare's nowhere in site.

But then at last we get to the sight,
	the party is on and we had a good night!

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