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Re: MR:Request-music

Poster: "Eric J. Campbell" <ejcampbe@unity.ncsu.edu>

> 	I am looking for the words to a song that I heard at a bardic 
> circle about a year ago if you can help.  "Music, Sex, and Cookies" and I 
> was told that it was by a gentle named Aed ...
> 			Thank you,
> 			Philip the Bashful

that is one of effen's song I believe
It might be best to ask him personally
He is very particular about having his songs posted on listserve's and 
the internet so it would be best to ask him personally


There can be only juan!
                         <100% columbian coffee> 
Eric Jon Campbell Graduating <and employable;)> Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer

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