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Re: MR: Banter--A contest!

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

>  Poster: alairia@juno.com (Lisa Z. Morgan) 
> My Dear Miriam: 
> Just that which in all courtesy a married man may proffer, And naught 
> but civil dance--no more--did I request or offer! 
> But thy remarking on my feather, (one I'd no idea 'twas there) Did make 
> a mystery I thought to probe with subtle care. 
> To find if double meaning thou intended there or no, And finding none 
> I stand prepared to let the matter go! 
> Lyon 
> ======================================================================= 
'Tis as I thought, most Gracious, Gentle Lord, and that request I with good 
grace accept, that should we meet at that appointed time and place, I shall, 
measure for measure match your dancing pace!

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai | Purpure on a bend Or,
akaThe Intriguing Miriam    | between two swans naiant
Isenfiri-In-Exile           | respectant, wings elevated
mka: Heather E.M. Swann     | and addorsed argent, three 
email:swann@intercon.com    | sprigs of heather palewise
                            | purpure.     

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