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Re: Drachenwald Contact Info

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Wayne Precht wrote:

> In case anyone is curious, it *is* possible to get a passport in 3 days,
> but it is a task you should not undertake lightly.  The lines are long and
> you better have all your papers in order or have wasted a day.

Been there, done that, understand.

But at least you were not trying to get visas for Italy when immured in darkest Mississippi!  

If I had not been able to invoke the magic talisman of federal funding (It was a special Fulbright seminar and they suddenly changed the 
dates for the whole group) I might still be in line.

P. S.  If you get a chance, please make sure to get to the castle on the hill.  It has some very fond memories for me and most 
Drachenwalders I know who have visited the area also seem to feel this way. . .

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