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Re: Japanese personae in Atlantia

Poster: Mikhail <we4@widomaker.com>

At 11:27 AM 6/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: Kensei <kensei@cris.com>
>I would be interested in hearing from Japanese gentles in Atlantia as I plan
>on entering the Society as such.  I would be particularly interested to
>converse with those who have made their own Japanese-style armors and
>weapons for the lists.  Please drop me a line at kensei@kensei.concentric.net.
>                                 Kensei


While I no longer do Japanese (I now do Mongol) I have done so in the past.
In addition, I have been making Japanese armor since my first scratch built
helm in AS XII. (The first Kabuto with Mempo in the SCA for Heavy combat)
and I would be glad to help or advise you.  I have templates for many pieces
and several helmet styles.
I live in Williamsburg VA and am planning on attending the Northern War
Practice next weekend as well as Pennsic.  If I can be of any assistance
please let me know.

Yours in these Current Middle Ages,

Mikhail the Armorer
Tarkhan Khanate Bright Hawk
Great Household of the Dark Horde

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