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Poster: Thorkell Ulfsson <CCWYLIE@VM.SC.EDU>

My Lords, and my Ladies;

          Ordinarily, I do not post a great deal on the Merry Rose, preferring
to watch, listen, and learn, but recent events and behaviors have concerned me
to the point that I feel I must speak.  I am a rough, old Viking/Scot with no
claim to courtly grace, so I hope I will be forgiven for my blunt tone.

           In recent weeks, I have observed an appalling lack of courtesy on
this listserve.  Things are being said in a manner that I truly hope would
never even be considered in the public setting of an event.  While I concede
that we have not descended as far as a flame war, I am still concerned when
His Royal Highness is publically slighted in a manner that would *never* be
thought acceptable at any event or meeting.  The comments regarding the
operation of the listserve itself degenerated quickly into hastily worded
relies which, in the end, were not in the least constructive, and in many cases
were simply rude.

         My Lords, and Ladies, this is simply not acceptable behavior.  My
understanding of this Listserve was that it was to be a specialized "place" in
which people of like interest could discuss the (current) Middle Ages.  Not a
place to argue and bicker about a few dollar discrepency in the perceptions of
the cost of a night out.  The courtesy that is expected at any event should
also be expected here.  *Especially* when we are posting a response to either
His or Her Royal Highness, or His or Her Royal Magesty.

          I don't expect that this will be a popular posting, and if my words
offend any individual Gentle, I do apologize, for this is not my  intention.
I simply wish to see a return to the Chivalry and Courtesy that custom and
tradition demand of us in our beloved Kingdom.  Please direct replies,
responses, (flames, etc...) to me personally, as I do not wish to take up
further space and time on this list with unpleaseantness.  I am available at

               In Service to Sir Moehammad al-Kasy, and the Crown, I am,

                             Drottin Thorkell Ulfsson
                            Chief of House Ulfagardthr
                                  "!Ehren Erste!"
                                   (Honor First)
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