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IKAC scores 6/24 (fwd)

Poster: John Edgerton <sirjon@netcom.com>


	The scores as of June 24 in the OPEN division of the Interkingdom 
Archery Competition are:  1) WEST- 264.3.  Ld Andrus Truemark- 306, 
Joesph dela Tour- 278, Little Brusi (Lochoc)- 209. 2) EAST- 240.3. 
Ygraine of Kellswood- 276, Li Kung Lo- 275, David of the Highlands- 170. 
3) CAID- 232.6. Ld Paganus Grimlove- 275, Ld Robert Lanternsmith- 224, Ld 
Robert of Watford- 199. 4) MIDDLE- 218.  Master Grant Graeme de 
Mentieth-256, Balin of Ca??????????- 221, Lady Eve Stoneheart- 177.  5) 
ATLANTIA- 217.3.  Reynand of Lochmere- 279, Roark of Hydra Hall- 225, Sir 
Kai- 187.  6) ANTIR- 210.6.  Robert of Wolffork- 221, Alaxander-213, Eril 
McLost- 198. 7) OUTLANDS- 210.3.  Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn- 220, Ld 
Morcar of Axbridge- 215, Steven of al-Barran- 196. 8) CALONTIR- 203. Ld 
Michael von Bergen- 211, Dietrich Isenhart-200, Lief of Crescentmoon- 
198.  9) MERIDIES- 163.  Michael of Tweedale- 192, Mellord Rellik- 151, 
Mel Ordrellic- 147.

	In the PERIOD division the standings are:  1) CAID- 154.3.  John 
Garr- 189, Thomas Blackkeep- 184, James of the Lake- 90.  2) EAST- 80.  
Orm of Lochmor-139, Thyri Oddsdottir- 80, Louise MacNayre- 22.  

	In the CROSSBOW PERIOD  division the scores for the top three 
archers are: James ap Benyl (Antir)- 185, Stefan von Drachenfels 
(Ansteorra)- 129, Ildawach (Ansteorra)- 104. 

	In the CROSSBOW OPEN  division the scores are:1)  Paganus Grimlove 
(Caid)-247, 2) Ld Kurt von Arriksleva (Caid)- 206.

	No full sets of scores for the IKCAC have yet been received.

	Please make sure that all names on the submitted score sheets are 

	For copies of the IKAC rules contact you kingdom archery officer 
or send a business size SASE with 32 cents postage.  For copies of the 
IKCAC or both send a business size SASE with 52 cents postage to:  Sir 
Jon Fitz-Rauf, c/o John R. Edgerton, 7662 Wells Ave, Newark, CA 
94560-3530.  Phone (510) 791-9070 till 9:00 pm. Email:  sirjon@netcom.com

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