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Re: His Highness's New Clothes

Poster: "Toscano, James" <James.Toscano@den.mmc.com>

Allright here we go.   There is never a time to publicly correct an 
authority figure except in cases were a law is about to be violated or 
someone is about to get killed.  As a figure of some authority and respect 
they deserve the courtesy of discrete private consultation on any behaviors. 
 Pity that I did not read the first post.  I have a feeling my little 
electronic seconds would be winging there way, privately to someones 
doorstep.  Of course with the Princes permission.

All rationalization aside if you were the public person criticized publicly 
how would you feel. Answer honestly kids it gets scary from here.  How would 
you like to be the object of public disrespect.

slightly more than a little irritated and hoping that I am completely 
incorrect.  If anyone has the original sets of posts please send them to me.
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