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courtesy and respect - random thoughts -Reply

Poster: "Laurie Kovaleski" <NUDVLLK@gwgate.bas.ncsu.edu>

>>> many waters cannot quench love 07/01/96 02:06pm >>>

>unto the merry rose, from melys, greetings!
>i have an open question (or several) for the populace: do you feel that a
>hypothetical royal such-and-such deserves more courtesy than a
>hypothetical lord so-and-so? more respect?  

Respect & courtesy to the Crown _is_ a _period_ part of the game we choose to play.
Respect & courtesy to all _ is_ a _period_ part of the game we choose to play. 

I have some suggestions to those who do not have respect to the Crown(s):

1. Stay from royalty at events. I don't mean that you can not attend events,
     just keep your distance. 
2. If you don't like the current royals, fight for crown & become the perfect
    royal that you have dreamed of. 
3. Take care what you say & to whom about royals. No one is going to chop your
    head off for having a different opinion,  but you may cut off your own hand
    in spite of your face. 

Please don't let your politics ruin everyone's fun.
  Lady Brigid of Linnhe     
  Barony of Windmasters* Hill 
  Kingdom of Atlantia
  * We look to Scotland for all
    our ideas of civilisation.*
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