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Re: pay to fight, his highnesses new clothes, public correction, etc., etc., etc.......

Poster: Christopher M Faulcon <mfaulcon@or.atinc.com>

Arielle wrote:
> Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>
> Greetings unto the good gentles of the Merry Rose,
> First I would like to say that I have never posted to this list
> previously and probably never will again unless it is to post an
> announcement of some sort. However, I want to respond to various pieces
> of the goings on of this list over the past several days, not in any
> particular order but as the whim strikes me.
> First, I hope that everyone on the list knows that His Highness is hardly
> offended by any of the postings that followed his response to the gentle
> who does not fight because of the pay to fight rule. He was, as He later
> indicated, going from His memory of something that He read several years
> ago and He has never had a problem with anyone ever correcting Him
> publically or otherwise as Crown Prince or just plain Logan. Melys has
> known His Highness and Myself for a few years and could verify from His
> straightforward personality that it takes an awful lot to offend Him. I
> do think this little fiasco may have drilled into His head how He can no
> longer rely on His memory and should very carefully verify and reverify
> all His understandings before making them public in any manner. Second,
> both His Highness and myself feel that all people, scadians, mundanes,
> pointy hats, common folk, etc. should all be treated with courtesy (I
> personally beleive that respect is something that is earned). It is for
> this very reason that I took offense at one of the postings that was very
> rude in tone, erroneous in certain areas and at times appeared to be an
> attempt to discredit His Highness, however incorrectly, simply because He
> is His Highness. However, the gentle later apologized for any harshness
> on his part so the matter basically ended there. However, I must agree
> with Lord Phillip Bell's assertion that a gentle correction is always
> preferrable to a rude or harsh one, regardless of the person's position.
> Finally, I  hope that Earl Syr Knarlic's posting was simply wise advice.
> I can guarantee that both His Highness and I have Our feet too firmly
> planted in reality and have accomplished too much in the mundane world to
> ever start forgetting who We really are. Quite honestly I will be quite
> happy when the subject of this list turns to other topics. The only
> reason why His Highness even used His title in His original posting was
> in response to Lord Kwellend's statement that the Crowns would not miss
> "one more fat old fighter". He was simply wanting the gentle to know that
> his presence would be missed by at least one Crown (more than likely
> both). It was also His hope that others would post similar messages of
> encouragement to Lord Kwellend.  I hope that this message does not spark
> a debate similar to the one generated by His Highness' postings.
> In service to Atlantia and Her people,
> HRH Arielle

You tell 'em, your highness...

Martin Lochner
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