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RE: pay to fight, his highnesses new clothes, public correction, etc., etc., etc.......

Your Highness, as a resident of Atlantia I am very sorry that you may choose not to contribute to the list in future times.  I am new come to the SCA and in many ways I am still learning my way around.  What you say is true. Courtesy should be extended no matter what the subject or person posting.  When I was told that in a post I made I had mis-spoke and gave great offense to His Majesty and to His Highness, as courtesy demands, I apologized.  It is only right to correct what offense you may give and since if I were offended I would like for the offender to at least say they were sorry I have no problem extnding that courtesy to others.  Please do not deprive us of your presence.

In service to the dream


From: 	Logan[SMTP:logan123@charlotte.infi.net]
First I would like to say that I have never posted to this list 
previously and probably never will again unless it is to post an 
announcement of some sort. However, I want to respond to various pieces 
of the goings on of this list over the past several days, not in any 
particular order but as the whim strikes me. 

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