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Re: Contradict the King? A poet's perspective (long)

Poster: Kensei <kensei@cris.com>

At 07:48 PM 7/4/96 -0400, Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi wrote:

>A Prayer for the Kingdom and the King by Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi
>(A sestina)
>Have pity on the kingdom and the king
>When subjects fear to truely speak their heart.
>When zealous, jealous, guards of his honor
>Call contrary counsel base treason.
>For such evils does this foul folly stir
>That those afflicted have no hope save prayer.
>Oh Atlantia, please heed this stumbling prayer.
>Protect yourselves, your kingdom, and your king!
>Think not you are too weak and dare not stir
>To contradict the crown when in your heart
>You know he errs. Rather, think it treason,
>And breach of your fealty oath and honor
>To forbear.  Render your crown the honor
>Of your trust.  He shall give ear to your prayer
>For discourse.  Being wise, he can tell treason
>From honest disagreement. A king
>With such subjects prospers; they have at heart
>His well being and within their breasts stir
>Duty and respect. But, alas, when stir
>Accross the land self-annointed guards of "honor"
>Who for "courtesy" poison the heart
>Of the country.  Who hear the honest prayer
>Given lovingly to correct the king
>And slander it as basest treason.
>The "guards", not the people, do the treason.
>For in their eager jealousy they stir
>True hatred and resentment 'gainst the king.
>For the people will think he has no honor;
>That the king will hear no contrary prayer
>To his counsel.  That he is proud, his heart
>Stone, when in truth the king would know the heart
>And thought of his subjects.  Thus the treason
>Of the "guards" is double.  They hide the prayer
>And advice of his counselors, and stir
>The people to wrath. In the name of honor
>They dishonor by this "service" to the king.
>So heed this prayer! When such servants stir
>Their deadly treason 'cross the land, honor
>Your oath!  Speak your heart! And thus save your king.

--Hear the words of this wise noble.


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