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re: Contradict the King? A poet's perspective (long)

Poster: "Kate Spears" <kspears@fdic.gov>

Unto Yaakov and the denizens of the merry rose, greetings from Lady Aislynn, 

I've been following the thread on correcting/contradicting the crowns quietly 
for some time now, but Yaakov's long, flowery statements and poems moved me 
to write.   

Please note that in the statements I am about to make, I may be opening a 
very unpleasant can of worms.,  It is not my goal to debate the pros and cons 
of that specific situation.   But the point is that these things must be 
remembered. (end of disclaimer) 

Yes, dear gentles, in a perfect world, those who rule our kingdoms and our 
game would remember that it is, in fact, a game, and that any power or 
influence due them should come from the people that they rule.  That is, they 
earn the right and honor of being respected and revered as king or queen by 
having their actions be worthy of it.  We are lucky that our current set of 
Crowns, Their Royal Majesties Galmr and Katharina, as well as their heirs, 
not only have their feet firmly planted in reality, but also maintain a level 
of grace and honor that make it a joy to be a subject.  

But this is not the case with previous Crowns.  Even within recent memory two 
gentles, men whom are worthy of the highest respect, knowlegeable and skilled 
in not only martial but also the gentle arts, were censured to the point of 
having a court of chivalry called on them for the heinous crime of 
disagreeing with the king.   Both of these men have since found other 
organizations with which to share their talents.   

So continue the discussion, reminding folks that honesty does not have to 
mean rudeness, agreeing that wearing a crown (or coronet, or belt, or laurel 
leaf, or other "symbol") does not exempt one from correction, and remembering 
that courtesy in all things should be foremost.  But also remember that there 
are those for whom standing up to the crowns when they felt the crowns were 
wrong carried a high price.  And it is not only they who paid the price, but 
also the Kingdom, for each of them contributed richly over their extended 
time of service to the Society, and this wealth of information and knowledge 
is no longer available. 

Yours in Service,

Aislynn Fyrlocc 
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