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RE: Courtesy

Please sir, do not leave.......do not let these small minded petty individuals sway you from joining in the Dream.  I, too, was subjected to similar treatment and was of a mind to leave the list.....I was persuaded to stay and tho I don't post anymore I do still read and enjoy what posts interest me......also, my lord, perhaps I can escort you to a lovely tavern of my acquaintance....the Red Dragon....I think, perhaps, you will enjoy the company and may I recommend the food?  and if you should care for beverage they have a very wide selection most palatable and refreshing........ ::offering hand::  My lord shall you accompany me?


From: 	Thorkell Ulfsson[SMTP:CCWYLIE@VM.SC.EDU]
Sent: 	Friday, July 05, 1996 8:02 AM
To: 	Merry Rose
Subject: 	Courtesy

Poster: Thorkell Ulfsson <CCWYLIE@VM.SC.EDU>

my Lords, and my Ladies;

           I am dissapointed that the original meaning of my first posting
seems to have been lost.  For the Record, I *Never* intended to state or imply
that the Crowns are not subject to correction when neccessary and appropriate.
My objection was simply to rudeness, *in any form* both to the Crown, and to
individual Gentles, who made the mistake of asking that this listserve return
to a discussion of the currant middle ages, only to me (bluntly) told "NO".
The response to my posting, both on the Merry Rose, and (far Worse) in my
private mailbox has been instructional, and enlightening.  The point is made.
Please do not send me any more Flames, I am quite well done.  I will not post

                    In service to Sir Moehammad al-Kasy, and the Crown, I am,

                                  Lord Thorkell Ulfsson
                                Chief of House Ulfagardthr
                                      "!Honor First!"
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