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Re[4]: "Official"?

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com>

     [Previous stuff deleted]
So, let me see if I have this straight:  If I >publish in the local 
canton or baronial newsletter that we are having a >4th of July picnic 
and fighter practice at Billy Bob Joe Don's place, >for SCA folk, this is 
considered an official event per IIA?  Covered by >Society insurance?
>I think I'm floundering in legaleese.  HELP!
.and thus we arrive at my original point, which is, how can we define a 
function to be "official" enough to be covered by insurance yet "unofficial" 
enough to allow unauthorized/non-dues-paying combatants to fight? Perhaps an 
explicit definition of where practices (and demos) fall in the grand scheme 
of these things is necessary.
        [Subsequent stuff deleted]
        [Well, now, an' begosh and begorra, 'twould seem to my failing eyes that 
        if the "event" [published or not, legal or not] has two guys that have 
        their armor there and want to fight, they're going to fight and nobody 
        can really stop them unless they constitute a hazard to others, say by 
        fighting in the middle of the street.
        "Official enough to be covered by insurance" is fairly simple, as has 
        been previously stated...[Of course, with all the opinions on insurance, 
        I'm not sure that being covered really matters...
        "Unofficial enough to allow unauthorized/non-paying people to fight" is 
        also fairly simple.  If a person wants to fight and isn't authorized, 
        then I'd be willing to bet that as long as that person isn't asked to 
        fight in a tourney or melee, everything's fine, i.e., practice 
        one-on-one only.  I can't really see any benefits gained by having the 
        person fight in a melee until they're authorized anyway, and tourneys 
        only happen at official SCA events, but if it's an official tourney, 
        then unauthorized fighters aren't allowed to compete.
        [The Three States of Being, as Pertaining to Heavy Combat:
        1.      Official Tournament [there's an oxymoron]
        2.      Melee [unauthorized fighters probably shouldn't be here]
        3.      Other  [This covers any practicing you do]
        Well, there's my $.02...
        Ld. J. Blackbow

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