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RE: Re[2]: "Official"?

Poster: Tom Brady <tbrady@nando.net>

At 01:53 PM 7/3/96 -0700, Lord Gawaine wrote:
>So, if I am reading this right and understanding the missives of these
>two good Lords, then I've been under the false assumption over the last
>4 years that my publications were really unofficial.  In fact, they make
>any references to events published in them official events covered by
>Society insurance!?!?!?  So, let me see if I have this straight:  If I
>publish in the local canton or baronial newsletter that we are having a
>4th of July picnic and fighter practice at Billy Bob Joe Don's place,
>for SCA folk, this is considered an official event per IIA?  Covered by
>Society insurance?
>I think I'm floundering in legaleese.  HELP!

..and thus we arrive at my original point, which is, how can we define a
function to be "official" enough to be covered by insurance yet "unofficial"
enough to allow unauthorized/non-dues-paying combatants to fight? Perhaps an
explicit definition of where practices (and demos) fall in the grand scheme
of these things is necessary.

(BTW, the expaination for the disclaimer Lord Gawaine mentioned can be found
in Governing and Policy Decision #1 which reads, in toto:

1. PUBLICATIONS DISCLAIMER STATEMENT (October 1975, revised July 1988)

This statement must appear in each issue of a publication that claims
Society sponsorship, unless it is published at the direction of the Board:

    "This is the (Name of Publication), a publication of the (Name of branch
or other organization) of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (Name
of publication) is available from (name and address of publisher). It is not
a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and
does not delineate SCA policies." 

For purposes of this policy, a "corporate publication" is defined as one of
the following: the kingdom newsletters, Tournaments Illuminated, Compleat
Anachronist, The Known World Handbook, or the handbooks and guidebooks which
are published by the corporation and its officers. The Board may from time
to time add other items to this list. However, any publication which omits
this disclaimer without specific Board authorization may not cite the name
of the Society or any of its branches or educational organizations as the
publishing authority, and may not publish official rulings or notices for
participants in Society activities. Additionally, the publication may not be
funded by any
subdivision of the Society, and no funds for the publication may be held or
disbursed from any bank account bearing the Society's Taxpayer ID. (See
Corpora VI.C.2.g.)

For those that don't know already, all of this can be found at:

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