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Re: pay to fight, his highn

Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Bob Hoy wrote:
> Poster: "Bob Hoy" <Bob_Hoy@cpqm.mail.saic.com>
>                                                                       7/3/96
>                                                                       9:09 AM
>  RE>>pay to fight, his highnesses new clothes, public correction,...
> His higness logan asked if the posting I sent to the net was just wise advice,
> Yes it was.
>  it was not directed at any one individual it just so happens that HRH logan
> is currently crown prince, no offense intened as it was as you say Your
> Highness just wise advice. Although I can't remember the last time I have been
> accused of being wise
> In service to the dream
> Earl Syr Knarlic

Your Excellency,

Please note that the missive of which you speak was sent from Her 
Highness not I.  We have received a few requests to change the "from:" 
part of Our postings to Logan and/or Arielle to help curb the confusion. 

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