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Re: Costs ( Just Facts and No Puns!)

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@vnet.net>

Sallie Montuori wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jul 1996, James Morrow wrote:
> >   Keep playing SCA.  1.  get a Membership  2. Get some Garb( Cheap Fabric is easy to
> > find) 3.  Show up at Events   4. Have Fun    5.  Repeat Step 4 many times over!
> Shouldn't you repeat Step 3 in order to precede to repeating Step 4?
> ;-)  Step 3 is very important.  Perhaps I think every canton and shire meet 
weekly as we meet in The Guardians.  My mistake and I apologize for this 
  Have fun no matter if you are in an A&S meeting, Fighter Practice, 
Choir Rehearsal or what ever.
  The SCA is here for fun.   It would be nice if people would enjoy 
themselves and have fun.  You will always have the Rumors, Politics and 
Out in Left filed Gossip.   Ignore that CRAP and just have fun.
   Please repeat Step 3 as often as Your Real Life will allow You.  
Above all, Please have Fun in The SCA   :)


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